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Creating Templates

Templates for ResumeFodder are Microsoft Word 2003 XML files, with text values inserted by the Go template engine.

Although a bit arcane, the Word 2003 XML format is actually quite thoroughly documented:

However, you can probably figure out most of what you need by simply reviewing the existing template files in the ResumeFodder-templates git repository.

If you have no experience (or at least interest) in Go, then creating new templates for ResumeFodder may be a daunting task. Otherwise, the process is fairly straightforward:

  1. Use Microsoft Word (or LibreOffice) to create a resume with whatever style you like.

  2. Specify the "Word 2003 XML Document" file type when saving the file. It's very important to be precise about this, as there are multiple different Word file options with "2003" or "XML" in their name.

  3. Open the file in a text editor. For all dynamic fields, replace your sample text with Go template tags that reference the appropriate JSON Resume schema fields. Resources to help you are:

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